Hall of the Year Archive

Below is a listing of the previous Hall of the Year winners. Due to incomplete records, not all years have complete data. If you have information about previous Hall of the Year winners, please send it to

School Year Hall of the Year Men's Hall of the Year Women's Hall of the Year
2016-2017 Stanford Hall Carroll Hall Farley Hall
2015-2016 Pasquerilla East Hall Fisher Hall Walsh Hall
2014-2015 Walsh Hall Keenan Hall Farley Hall
2013-2014 Keenan Hall Duncan Hall Ryan Hall
2012-2013 Lewis Hall Knott Hall Pasquerilla East Hall
2011-2012 Howard Hall Carroll Hall Ryan Hall
2010-2011 Badin Hall Keenan Hall Walsh Hall
2009-2010 Badin Hall Duncan Hall Howard Hall
2008-2009 Cavanaugh Hall Keough Hall Lyons Hall
2007-2008 Knott Hall Keenan Hall Lewis Hall
2006-2007 Morrissey Hall O'Neill Hall Badin Hall
2005-2006 Stanford Hall Keenan Hall Welsh Family Hall
2004-2005 Breen-Phillips Hall O'Neill Hall Pangborn Hall
2003-2004 Farley Hall Keenan Hall Howard Hall
2002-2003 Fisher Hall Knott Hall Cavanaugh Hall
2001-2002 Keenan Hall Siegfried Hall Badin Hall