Residence Halls

About Hall Government
The hall government works to maintain the unique atmosphere of its dorm. Comprised of commissioners, representatives, and the elected Hall President and Vice President, the hall government leaders are actively involved in the life of their dorm, where they plan events of all types. Each hall prepares monthly academic, social, service oriented, liturgical, multicultural, and athletic events. Whether it is through competitive intramural sports, community oriented service, or a lively social atmosphere in the dorms, hall government works on behalf of the students to make dorm life exceptional.
A select number of these recurring dorm events are designated "Signature Events" that every year attract undergraduates throughout campus. For an event to be designated a signature event, it must be hosted by the residence hall but open to all of campus. These events, many of which have been going on for decades or more, help to form the core of the Notre Dame Experience. For information on any single hall's events contact the residence hall directly through the Residence Hall pages.