COVID Resources

As we progress throughout this academic year, we will continue to face the difficulties and challenges that life with COVID presents. This page is meant to be a guide for you all on what to do with your dorm communities. What events you can have and expectations surrounding those events so that they are safe and inclusive. 

We have had many conversations already this year about what we can do in HPC. As a reminder of those conversations, this is a Google doc with all the things we have talked about. This doc will continue to be updated and polished throughout the semester.

HPC Guide


Here are our main expectations:

  • Always have a virtual option. This ensures that if people don't feel comfortable attending in person, they can still be included.
  • Always enforce social distancing and mask wearing. Be the leaders that you are set the example for your peers about proper behavior. 


For more detailed guidance, please visit SAO's Fall Programming Guide.