Social Chairs


The Social Chairs help the Presidents and Vice Presidents program for their residence halls. In addition to managing the roll call at each meeting, the Social Chairs grade the monthly Rocknes, which are snapshots of everything that has occurred within a dorm for a given period of time. They also plan several events for HPC, including the Closing Dinner, Christmas Party, and the end of the year cookout. The Social Chairs this year are Cory Jbara and Ellen McCourt. They will work extremely hard to make every HPC meeting LEGEN – wait for it… 

Ellen McCourt is the former president of the Best Place on campus, Breen-Phillips Hall, current senior Mechanical Engineering major, and future homemade ice-cream shop owner. She is honored to be deemed social enough to be one of the Social Chairs of HPC this year and can’t wait to bring her skills of choosing snacks, laughing at inappropriate times, and being an actual real life Irish person to the weekly HPC meetings. Along with representing the Babes these past 3 years, Ellen loves Best Buddies and Baraka Bouts, and enjoys spending time with her dog, Bailey, more than the average human (she also only associates with things that begin with “B”). One of her favorite things about HPC is getting to know all of the awesome leaders involved in making our community so great, so feel free to immediately bypass the awkward stage and say hi to her in the hallway (or in Kilwin’s, where she most likely is right now). #pigsnotbabes

Cory Jbara is a senior from Waterford, MI majoring in Computer Science. Last year he served as the president of Fisher Hall. Unlike the prototypical Computer Science major, he is actually a pretty fun guy, which is why some people call him the mushroom (get it? fun guy = fungi? Never mind. Sorry I wasted your time. Let’s both move on with our lives now). He loves When he is not hacking away in the Engineering Library, he is probably playing Spikeball on the quad outside Fisher or dreaming about the Fisher Regatta, which is only Cory is really excited to get to know everyone on HPC, so if you ever see him around campus, please approach him and say hello! If you are thinking to yourself, “wow this guy seems too cool, I have no idea what to talk about around him,” worry not! His favorite topics of conversation include, but are not limited to: Notre Dame Football, Pixar Movies, Fitness, Super Smash Bros, Pizza, Boating, and the Detroit Tigers. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, a nice bubble bath by candlelight, and the occasional romantic comedy. Cory can’t wait to be a part of the HPC team, so that he can bring his witty charm and moderately disappointing snacks every week to the meetings!

DARY! Legendary! Ellen and Cory are super pumped to be on the HPC Exec Board this year!