Finance Chair

The Finance Chair manages the budget of the Hall Presidents Council Executive Board. His or her primary focus with that money is allocating it to residence halls to help them put on signature events, which are events put on by a hall for the entire campus that focus on creatively raising money for a charity. In addition, the Finance Chair represents HPC at weekly meetings of the Financial Management Board. The Finance Chair this year is Carlos Covarrubias.

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Carlos Covarrubias will serve as the Finance Chair for the 2016-2017 term year. He is in the class of '18 and a Finance and Economics double major. His favorite sport is easily basketball, and he loves Burger Bar days in the dining hall (NDH 4 Life). His favorite book is East of Eden, but it is closely followed by Chad Ochocinco's biography. He is from smalltown, IL and loves to tell people that his hometown's slogan is "Where friends and rivers meet." He served as Siegfried Hall's President and was passionate about its community. He looks to make this coming year at ND the best one yet!